The Prevalence and Risk Factors of Borderline Personality Disorder in Teens

Many parents have heard the term “borderline personality disorder” in association with teens. To those who feel confused about this condition, you are not alone. It turns out that many parents are uninformed or completely unaware of the disorder and its implications in adolescents. While it is true that experts are only just beginning to understand the full scope of BPD, recent research has provided them with key information that can provide parents relief and hope. Many may be wondering about the prevalence of this condition among teens. While there is still a great amount of research to be done, certain evidence supports the conclusion that there are higher rates of BPD in adolescents that in adults. Somewhere around 20% of adults meet the criteria for BPD, whereas teenage patients have a 43% to 53% chance of receiving a diagnosis. Note to parents of teen borderline personality disorder—these statistics may be linked to the way many teenagers react to stressful events, and some studies show that the chances of recovery in early years is much higher than for adults.

Another question that parents may be scratching their heads over is, what are the risk factors of BPD in teens? Again, adolescent and adult patients do not differ very much in this regard. This may be because many of the situations linked with BPD have roots in childhood. Abuse, neglect, early separation, all of these may be risk factors when it comes to this disorder. Children of parents with serious mental health conditions have also been found more likely to develop BPD. Other research supports the idea that there are several biological conditions that lead to the development of the disorder. Among these is the hypothesis that the condition can be genetically inherited from a parent, so it is important that if you are a parent who has suffered from BPD you pay especially close attention to any signs of symptoms in your child.


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