Teen Borderline Personality Disorder and Medications

Borderline personality disorder is a serious condition that can have large effects on the future of an effected adolescent. If you are a parent of a teen who is exhibiting symptoms of the disorder, you have most likely wondered what sort of treatment options might be available to you; if there is any effective medication; and whether or not you can help your teen increase their chances of overcoming the condition and achieving success in life. Other disorders with teen borderline personality disorder can include anxiety, depression, and paranoid thinking; if you are considering medication for BPD, than it might come as good news to you that studies show a reduction in these other disorders with the right pharmacological treatment.

Neuroleptics, as well as atypical anti-psychotic agents, have been among the medications about which the most research has been conducted and which show the largest strides in dealing with BPD in adolescents. Research shows that reduced doses of these medications are effective when dealing with depressed moods, anger-management issues, and gnawing anxiety. These, and other similarly-acting medications have also shown signs of improving a teen’s ability to think rationally, giving hope to many struggling high-school students who suffer from borderline personality disorder. In a few more extreme cases of the condition, the patient may exhibit a certain amount of paranoid thinking along with borderline personality disorder. These same medications have proven effective in the reduction, and sometimes the elimination of this paranoid state-of-mind; this is another reason a parent might consider medication as an option.