Teen Bordelrine Personality Disorder in Boys

Those who have a teen who has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, as well as parents who are concerned that their child may be at risk, may be wondering what effective treatment and prevention options are available. The good news is that the psychiatric community has made great strides in widening the field of knowledge pertaining to borderline personality disorder. For instance, there are now numerous studies which have linked the emergence of this disorder in adolescents with drastic changes in the home environment.. An early separation from caregivers, maltreatment, or parental substance abuse show considerable prevalence throughout teens who have developed the disorder. This means that creating a nurturing and supportive environment for your teen may lessen the chances of a borderline personality disorder developing in the child. Teen personality disorder in boys and girls is a somewhat controversial subject, due to the large amount of research yet to be conducted. It is important that you consult your psychiatric professional if you are concerned about your teen.

Treatment for borderline personality disorder is another area where recent studies and research have shed a great amount of light on new possibilities. A few types of psychotherapy have led to possible recovery for patients, such as dialectal behavior therapy. Several medications have are also thought to lessen the severity of the symptoms. Even better news for those concerned about the disorder, recovery is statistically likely for most patients. Studies have shown that somewhere between 66% and 85% of teens with BPD will shed the majority of the diagnostic criteria within two years.