Supporting your BPD Teen through a Self Harm Crisis

The effects of Borderline Personality Disorder can be long-reaching and affect many aspects of a teen’s life. The worst part of BPD in teens is that it can affect the social life of any sufferer. In a time where social aspects are so weighted in importance, suffering from an emotionally crippling illness like BPD can seem like a last straw to some sufferers. This can even drive some teens to turn to self harm, which is why preventing self harming for teen borderline personality disorder sufferers can be integral to their mental and physical well being.

Though self harming thoughts and tendencies are a somewhat extreme example of what can happen to a BPD sufferer, it is not as uncommon as many seem to think. The illness itself may make a person more susceptible to these thought patterns or behavioral tendencies which can be a terrible thing when combined with the other stresses that the illness can cause. If a teen BPD sufferer feels too overwhelmed, they may turn to self harm more quickly than a teen who is not suffering from BPD.

If your teen or loved one is suffering from BPD, it is important that you keep an eye out for potential harmful thoughts or behaviors. Even if these behaviors would not be “usual” for your teen that does not mean that it will not occur. Prevention of self harming for teen borderline personality disorder sufferers is one of the best ways to ensure the health of your teen. Make sure that you read up on self harm prevention help and consult professionals if you think your teen is displaying these tendencies.