Providing Support for your Borderline Personality Disorder Teen

As many people who have Borderline Personality Disorder or live with someone suffering from BPD know, the toll that this illness may have can be immense. It can affect all social aspects of the sufferer’s life and cause great stress in a time that is already stressful. This is why family support for teen borderline personality disorder sufferers is so important to the mental health and wellness of the person suffering from this illness.

The teen years are a rocky ride for many. People are growing and maturing and the social scene during middle and high school become a fundamental part of the lives of many. This means that any problem on the social front might seem like an even bigger deal than it really is. Teens without BPD suffer from social stress regularly and that stress is magnified greatly in BPD sufferers. This is because the traits stemming from BPD such as neediness, feelings of inadequacy and the fear of being left alone can cause rifts in friendships and make hanging out at social gatherings difficult.

Because of these hardships, many teen BPD sufferers can destroy their friendships and relationships with family members. It may be a rocky ride for everyone involved, but it is up to the family of the BPD sufferer to make sure that they have at least a small tether as they weather the storm that this illness might cause. Just being there as support can make a world of difference, so family support for teen borderline personality disorder sufferers should not be overlooked.

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