Looking for Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder in Your Teen

Borderline personality disorder is something that has been recognized for a great deal of time among adults, but has only recently been a disorder that can be diagnosed among teens. If you have a teen whom you suspect may have borderline personality disorder, it is important to have it properly diagnosed by a health care professional. Here are some of the things you should look out for when it comes to symptoms of teen personality disorder.

One of the major signs of borderline personality disorder among teens is an engagement in impulsive behavior. While this type of behavior might be somewhat common for teens in general, for teens with personality disorder, doing things that are typically considered to be dangerous, such as excessive drug or alcohol use and sexual promiscuity.

Another symptom of borderline personality disorder among teens is a tendency to idealize certain people, while devaluing others. Certain people may be “put on a pedestal”, while others are completely undervalued in terms of their relationship with the subject.

There are many symptoms of teen borderline personality disorder, so it is important for you to be vigilant in the way that you go about addressing these issues. As long as you have these things addressed early on in the process, your teen should be able to cope with these symptoms as well as could be expected, and live a normal life.

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