Alcohol Abuse and Teen Borderline Personality Disorder

Alcohol abuse in teen borderline personality disorder is often a symptom of the disorder rather than the actual cause of the disturbing behaviors that the family of the teen will witness.

Families and teens are often faced with a serious struggle when they discover that signs of borderline personality disorder in the teen. This is a disorder which is often discovered during the later years of adolescence and the early years of adulthood. Some of the first signs of the disorder include rapid and extreme mood changes which sometimes switch within just minutes.

Those teens who are suffering from borderline personality disorder typically have a very hard time sustaining relationships with their friends and family and those relationships outside of the family are often of a very short duration. The relationships within the family are difficult, often marked by conflict and anger. In addition to these struggles, the teen is also plagued by a tendency to act impulsively or recklessly. It should not come as a surprise then that other emotional conditions are present as well: increased anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and other conditions are often present right along with the borderline personality disorder. Is it any wonder, then, when the teen turns to alcohol abuse as an escape?

Although alcohol abuse in teen borderline personality disorder is more common among male teens, and eating disorders tend to be more apparent among female teens, there are many young men and women who do not fall into this generalization. Unfortunately, if the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder has not been made before the alcohol abuse begins, it can be difficult to discern this underlying cause and then treatment will be delayed.

Treatment for alcohol abuse among teens is often completed by a multi-disciplinary team which makes it more likely that the underlying personality disorder will be identified and can be treated successfully.

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